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X1002W Beauty Salon Fume Extractor
F8002D Laser Cutting Fume Extractor
XS330 Solder Fume Extractor / XL-300 Laser Fume Extractor
Operating Instructions
1. Filters Replacement Period
Normally, we suggested the replacement period for filters as below:
Pre-filter : 1 month
Middle Filter: 3 months
Main Filter : 6 months
However, the replacement period can be adjusted as per the exact pollutants generated in different environment.
2. Check Before Using
Before switching on the power for the first time, please ensure the following points, so as to guarantee the safety in operation.
1. the appearance of the machine is not damaged;
2. the power switch is set to OFF position;
3. the filters are properly placed inside the machine;
4. the cover and main body are installed securely;
5. the speed-adjusting knob is set to OFF position.
3. Safety Precautions
For your safety, health and rights, please pay attention to the following items:
* This product is prohibited to be used under high temperature environment(above 80℃), inflammable, explosive or strong electromagnetic field environment.
* The power supply must be grounded while using.
* The internal high voltage of the product reaches up to 310V. Non-professionals are prohibited to open the machine for checking and maintenance.
* While the machine is working, the filters shall not be taken out or replaced.
* Hands and other objects shall not be used to touch the rotating vane.
* Long time not in use, cut off the power, power switch should be in off status.
* The distance between nozzle and the smoke generated point effect the result of filtering. (We suggest the duct to be “?” shape, nozzle to keep 10-15cm from the smoke generated point.)
* The airflow speed around the nozzle effect the result of filtering.
(We suggest to turn off the fan and the air conditioner, or adjust the airflow direction, also it can use the sealing hood to avoid the effect of the airflow.)
* The longer arm, the weaker smoke suction result.
(We suggest the arm within 1.4meter.)
*The more curved arms, The worse smoke suction result.
(We suggest to reduce the curved arms, if it must be curved, make it in large angle.)
4. Troubleshooting
◆ Attention: Please make sure to turn off the power before checking and repairing the machine.
Problem 1:
The machine still works, but the air flow is very weak and suction power is greatly reduced.
Air Inlet is blocked or foreign body exists inside the duct. The filter becomes saturated and hence gets blocked and gives an alarm.
Turn off the power and open the top cover. Check if there is any foreign body blocked in the air inlet. Then check if the air vent is blocked or not. If the suction power of the empty-loaded machine is normal, it means the filter needs to be replaced.
Problem 2:
The machine shuts down automatically after it is just started. Even if you restart the machine, the same problem happens again.
The air flow inside the machine is not smooth. The obstruction of the filter is very strong. As a result, the starting current of the fan becomes very high, hence the machine shuts down automatically for self protection.

Turn off the power and open the top cover. Check if there is any foreign body blocked in the air inlet. Then turn the speed-adjusting knob to the lowest level and restart the machine. The machine will be back to normal.

If the above methods still cannot solve the problem, please contact the manufacturer or the dealers.