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Leaders of Jiangxi,Ganzhou Comprehensive Protection Zone visit our fume extractors factory
August, 18, 2022

Recently, Director Mr.Li, Deputy Director Mr.Wu & Mr.Liao etc peoples from Ganzhou Comprehensive Protection Zone came to our factory.  Our general manager Mr.Liu  warmly received and had in-depth exchanges on project investment cooperation.

Mr. Liu accompanied Director Mr.Li and his party to visit the headquarters of New Oxygen factory, From design and development to assembly of parts, from dust problem to safety problem, from laser fumes and dust removal to lithium battery dust removal and explosion prevention, from company philosophy to company mission, Mr. Liu gave detailed explanations one by one, and Director Li highly evaluated and recognized the products of dust collector, fume extractors and the development philosophy of the company.

Mr. Liu introduced the laser fume extractor, solder fume extractor, explosion dust removal series equipment , the application is widely, such as manual soldering, laser cutting, laser marking, laser engraving, dust collector system & explosion prevention.

In the future, with the support of the national green development policy, New Oxygen will go all out to promote production, continuously help green, efficient and safe production in various industries, and provide enterprises with the best cost performance-dust removal and explosion-proof solutions with low operation and maintenance costs and high safety factor.