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Sharp Air Purifier's Replacement Hepa Air filter , Active Carbon Filter
  • Size
  • 380*235mm
  • Color
  • Black & Grey or Blue & Black
  • Application
  • For fit Sharp Air Purifier model FZ-Y30SF,FZ-Y180SF
  • Function
  • Remove formaldehyde, odor, haze etc
  • Hepa filter & composite active carbon,Remove formaldehyde, odor, haze
  • Filtering efficiency 99% for PM0.3
  • Sponge sealed all around to prevent harmful substances and air entry.
  • Modified activated carbon, fast adsorption, greatly enhanced the effect.
  • Product Details

        We are manufacturing and developing all kinds of filter materials and filter products. Our main products are filter materials, activated carbon filter 

materials, PM2.5 filter, cool efficiency filter materials, sterillzation filter materials, combined filter materials, etc.

         The products are widely used in clean room, ventilation equipment, purification equipment  and other industries of air, for example used in home 

appliances ( refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, heaters, air-conditioning fans and so on), our products can solve completely

the problem of air purification, for example, dust removal, odor removal, antibacterial, sterillzation, catalytic dexomposition of harmful gases, high

efficiency dust filtration, electrostatic dust removal and other issues.


Item: Replacement HEPA Air filter fit for SHARP FZ-Y30SF,FZ-Y180SF, Active carbon formaldehyde Air Purifier Filter