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Huizhou BYD Company's Laser Proceedures Use Our Fumego Laser Fume Extractor
August, 18, 2022

Huizhou BYD Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BYD Company") is the world's leading manufacturer and service provider of electronic products. A few months ago, BYD has encountered a big problem. The production workshop produces a lot of dust and unpleasant odor during the operation of the laser machine, which has seriously affected the health of employees, for the company's operating environment and the service life and defective rate of products, employees are even more worried about their own health problems.

By the invitation of BYD Company, director Ms.Li Xue'e of fumego brand dust extractor arrived at BYD Company and made an in-depth analysis of the on-site environment with the person in charge. Highly communicated, not only to provide solutions for smoke treatment, but to provide the service life of the lens and reduce the defect rate of products based on the use of our laser fume extractor purification equipment. Director Li has equipped the BYD workshop with a new fumego laser cutting fume extractor, which can be done in one step to achieve the two major needs of the same removal of smoke smell. The purification plan this time solved a major "concern" for BYD, and at the same time, it also injected a "strengthening shot" for BYD's employees.

All walks of life are facing integration and transformation, and the fumego air extractor will further release its own potential, provide greater help to the industry, and create a win-win situation.